Who Owns Philly?
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Over the last several years, cities have begun open sourcing a variety of previously difficult to access data, including property, deed, violations, evictions, and other information related to housing. This has allowed community members to build tools on top of the data for a variety of purposes.

Recently, in many cities, one of the purposes that has arisen is allowing people to look up who actually owns which rental properties. This information is both extremely valuable and fairly difficult to organize.

This information is valuable for several reasons:

This information is difficult to organize for several reasons:

This website contains up-to-date open data from the City of Philadelphia. The data comes from the following sources. Each of these sources can be accessed through Postgres-style SQL-queries as parameters of RESTful calls. In order to make it easier to access these tables, this page was created so that you can simply type SQL and get results.